French task card Scoot game

Review French verbs and vocabulary with this fun game!
Need a fun way to help your French students retain information and review their concepts? Have you tried Scoot? It's been a long-time favorite in my class, because it helps my students really get the concepts and they get to move around a lot. Movement is really helpful for helping students retain information, and providing movement is a great way to get those wiggly students to focus and work more quickly. Trust me on this one ... my little one has ADHD and I've tried everything to get him to finish his homework in a more timely manner. Moving around is the number one thing I can to do to help him stay focused. You're sure to have kids in each class like this, but the others will also benefit!

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So, what is Scoot? If you already use task cards, you're already using part of the Scoot game without knowing it! Just get a set of task cards you love, tape one card on the corner of each desk, and give each student an individual answer sheet. Students will move from desk to desk at certain intervals answering the questions on their answer sheets. I've always given them 30 seconds, but you might give them 1 minute if you have littler ones. When it's time to move, you can signal this by saying "Scoot!" or if you prefer French, my teammate and I decided to use the term "Filez!" Either way, just let them know the word to listen for.

This Scoot game is a favorite way to practice avoir and être present tense conjugations in FSL and Core French classes.

Click here to see these avoir/être cards for beginners.

To make it easier, I number the cards and then tape them on desks in numerical order so that students can easily move from one desk to another. Regardless, it's a good idea to walk them through the order before you start moving?

Students start with the question at their desk, so if a student is at question 15, he/she would do question 15, then when it's time to move, that student would move to question 16. If you have 20 students and use 20 cards, then the student at desk 20 would move to desk 1 for his/her next turn.

This Scoot game is a super-fun activity for practicing and reviewing French verbs and vocabulary.

Each set includes a lined answer sheet or this box style sheet.

When you have finished, you can check the answers together, making this a perfect review for a quiz or test. I give a prize to the students who get a perfect score (and I include a prize in all Scoot games), but your students will love it with or without prizes!

This Scoot game is a fun way to practice the passé composers in French class. The verb activity includes cards with avoir and être and is a great quiz review!

Click here to see these passé composé cards.

You can find all of my Scoot cards here.

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