Self-care tips for teachers

Taking care of yourself is so important if you take care of others. Get some self-care tips here.

Lately, I've been talking with some of my teacher friends about self-care. Some had great ideas, others said, "What is that?"

If you aren't taking care of yourself, how about using this summertime to pick up a few good habits that you can hopefully maintain into the school year? Here are a few that I (and other friends) find helpful.

1. Exercise

This is number one for me, because by nature, I'm a very impatient and fidgety person. If I don't move around enough, I get cranky, I have brain fog, and I just lose motivation to do anything. Plus, I just LOVE to eat, so it's kind of important that I burn off some of that food!

Read more here about how exercise I use exercise to keep my sanity.

2. Take time away for yourself

Whether you are a parent, in a relationship with a non-teacher, or just explaining to your non-teacher friends why you feel so drained sometimes, it is exhausting to always have to be "on" for other people. Take time away just for you, whether that is a night out with friends, a date with your significant other, an athletic event you love, or an hour for a spa treatment. Just don't forget about yourself!   (I try to get a facial or a massage when I can, because nothing is more relaxing than that! I just ask for gift cards for my bday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, etc. so that I can actually afford it once in a while.)

3. Have quiet time each day

Following on number 2, try to find a few minutes of quiet time each day. This isn't easy when you have family, friends, neighbors, pets, or anyone else who demands your attention. Find a time where you can have that cup of coffee or glass of your favorite drink in the calm. For me, that means waking up before everyone, and it's worth it to start my day with a quiet cup of coffee on my porch before the demands of the day start.

Find a few minutes to have some quiet time by yourself so you can be your best you when you are with your family and loved ones.

4. Get help where you can

When I first started teaching, one of the things I did at home was wash and iron all of our clothes which often took hours of my time each week. When we could afford it, we started taking things to the dry cleaners. Whether it's paying someone to mow your grass, dry clean your clothes, babysit your kiddo so you can have a few hours alone, or finding a food delivery service, just getting a little extra help can be so worth it. There are services for many different budgets, and you can swap out a service for another splurge (like a daily coffee run).

Two other huge time-savers that aren't always expensive :
- Food delivery - Depending on where you live, you can have some or all groceries delivered for a small fee. When I'm exhausted, I'll get an occasional delivery of fruits and vegetables, and the fee is not much more than what I would pay at the store plus a few dollars for gas. To keep fresh food at home, it's a great deal!
- Lawn mowing - we have a lot of Boy Scouts in my neighborhood who will do this for a good price. The lawn is a killer for my allergies and asthma, so I get help when my husband can't get to it.

5. Cook a nice meal

Maybe that doesn't sound relaxing. Maybe you hate to cook. Maybe you just don't have time to cook. All great reasons to skip this one! However, I know a lot of people who love to cook and just get too busy during the week. If this describes you, maybe you could pre-prep a few meals on the weekend so that you don't have to do much when you come home during the week. (I also love my crockpot!)

6. Get outside

Try having your morning coffee outside, taking a short walk before or after school, or riding your bike to lunch on the weekend.

7. Clean your house

Before you think, "What?!?" and call me crazy, keep reading. Some people find cleaning a bit meditative and some don't, but most of us can appreciate a tidy, organized space. I love it when my kitchen is sparkly, my floor is mopped, or my bed is newly changed. If a clean house is part of your comfort zone, knock out one area and just enjoy it. If you can't get to the whole house, really clean one spot and enjoy it!

8. Snuggle with your pet

Just like giving yourself permission to relax and do anything else, really taking time to love on an animal is so calming. My little assistant is always by my side. :)

Cuddling with a pet is a great way to relieve stress and calm down after a long day.

9. Unplug from social media

This one is so hard for me, but I really do feel so much better when I step away from the computer, the phone, and all social media. It's so easy to spend too much time worrying about what is going on out in the world and not living in the moment you're actually in. 

10. Read a good book or take some time to binge-watch.

It's okay to do this. Really. I love to read more than anything, but sometimes that is just too much energy. TV marathons are sometimes the way I can slow down my too-busy brain. :)

Speaking of, if you have a great show I should watch or book I should read, please share names! I'm needing something new here. French or English is great! I don't really have a preference.

French task card Scoot game

Review French verbs and vocabulary with this fun game!
Need a fun way to help your French students retain information and review their concepts? Have you tried Scoot? It's been a long-time favorite in my class, because it helps my students really get the concepts and they get to move around a lot. Movement is really helpful for helping students retain information, and providing movement is a great way to get those wiggly students to focus and work more quickly. Trust me on this one ... my little one has ADHD and I've tried everything to get him to finish his homework in a more timely manner. Moving around is the number one thing I can to do to help him stay focused. You're sure to have kids in each class like this, but the others will also benefit!

Read: 7 Ways to incorporate movement into your classroom

So, what is Scoot? If you already use task cards, you're already using part of the Scoot game without knowing it! Just get a set of task cards you love, tape one card on the corner of each desk, and give each student an individual answer sheet. Students will move from desk to desk at certain intervals answering the questions on their answer sheets. I've always given them 30 seconds, but you might give them 1 minute if you have littler ones. When it's time to move, you can signal this by saying "Scoot!" or if you prefer French, my teammate and I decided to use the term "Filez!" Either way, just let them know the word to listen for.

This Scoot game is a favorite way to practice avoir and être present tense conjugations in FSL and Core French classes.

Click here to see these avoir/être cards for beginners.

To make it easier, I number the cards and then tape them on desks in numerical order so that students can easily move from one desk to another. Regardless, it's a good idea to walk them through the order before you start moving?

Students start with the question at their desk, so if a student is at question 15, he/she would do question 15, then when it's time to move, that student would move to question 16. If you have 20 students and use 20 cards, then the student at desk 20 would move to desk 1 for his/her next turn.

This Scoot game is a super-fun activity for practicing and reviewing French verbs and vocabulary.

Each set includes a lined answer sheet or this box style sheet.

When you have finished, you can check the answers together, making this a perfect review for a quiz or test. I give a prize to the students who get a perfect score (and I include a prize in all Scoot games), but your students will love it with or without prizes!

This Scoot game is a fun way to practice the passé composers in French class. The verb activity includes cards with avoir and être and is a great quiz review!

Click here to see these passé composé cards.

You can find all of my Scoot cards here.

French verb conjugation task cards

Click here to learn about a time-saving activity for practicing French verb conjugation that students love!

Want a fun way for students to practice French verb conjugations that will save you a bunch of time? Oui ?

Have you heard of Boom Cards? These digital task cards are :
  • paperless, making prep time just that much easier.
  • self-checking, so students get feedback right away. 
  • playable on any device with a modern browser.
  • digital, so your tech-loving students will love using them! 
*You will need an internet connection to play the cards.

If you teach beginning French, there's a brand new bundle of beginner verb conjugation activities at my Boom Learning store. All decks contain at least 20 cards with a mix of multiple choice and short answer questions. The sets are all available individually, but there is a discount for buying the bundle.

Click any link below to see the individual sets and check out a playable preview.

Want to try out a free set first? Grab this deck for using avoir and être in the passé composé and see what you think!

Digital task cards for practicing French verb conjugations are a huge time-saver that students love!

Click here to try this deck for free!

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below! :)