French number practice that works

Beginning French students need a lot of practice when learning the numbers.  Let's face it, French numbers are tricky.  We teach them in the first few weeks of French 1 and we move on.  Students never totally get them if we don't practice them A LOT.  And keep practicing them throughout the year!

Here are some handy tips on teaching numbers in your classroom.

1.  Provide visuals.  

A lot of students are visual, and being able to see the numbers is so important for these types of learners.  Plus, when students need a reminder, the words are there to reinforce what you've taught.  Place NUMBER POSTERS where students can easily see them.

                Visualsaresoimportantwhenlearningaforeignlanguage.Numberpostershelpreinforcenewvocabulary.           Visualsaresoimportantwhenlearningaforeignlanguage.Numberpostershelpreinforcenewvocabulary.

2.  Provide speaking opportunities.  

Teachers everywhere tell me they wish their students spoke more.  All students need to speak as early and as often as you can.  Provide fun games and interactive activities so that students get comfortable with the vocabulary. J'ai...qui a...? is a really fun way to practice listening and speaking at the same time.
French j'ai qui a game for numbers

Want a FREE numbers speaking activity + more ways to teach numbers?  Click HERE.

3.  Practice listening comprehension.

Getting your students to speak is only half of the equation!  They have to be able to understand what is being said, too.  Fun games like BINGO and LA CLAQUE ! (our name for vocabulary slap) are great at practicing listening comprehension.  La Claque activity also includes printable flashcards for 0-100 + bonus words mille, million, and milliard.  Send them home with students who need extra help.


                French numbers listening activity          French Bingo game for numbers

4. Reinforce all that great practice with follow-up writing activities.

Some students just have to write it to retain it.  Speaking, listening, and seeing the numbers are all crucial to long-term retention, but the last step is independent, written practice.  You'll find it all in this EASY PRINTABLE PACKET for students.  There are writing activities, speaking activities and games, exit tickets, and a short assessment.

French numbers practice for secondary students

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Happy teaching!