How to control screen time during the summer


Summer is here!  I am so excited to get time to hang out with my family, and I know we will have a lot of fun.  However... I also know that it means my son will ask me countless times if he can watch tv.  Don't get me wrong.  I like tv a lot.  Maybe too much.  But, I am also a grown-up with a lot of responsibilities, and tv helps me to relax and unwind when I've been busy all day.  For my son, it is his go-to activity to beat boredom, and I'm not okay with that.

Rather than repeat myself every single day, I have devised a system that works really well at our house.  I actually started it on the weekends, and it was so easy to do that I'm doing it for our entire summer break!  Here's my chart :


Here's what's great about it:  I'm not limiting screen time like I was in the past.  Yes, it is still really limited, because often we are out all day at the pool, or on playdates, or at the park, or on vacation, or whatever else we are doing.  This system is for those days when you are at home with no plans to do much of anything, yet your children ONLY want to watch tv.  So, screentime is drastically reduced, I'm not repeating myself, and I don't get the ensuing arguments after constant nagging to watch tv.  Plus, my house just runs better when we all do our part.  :)

I know a ton of you out there are also parents, so I've made a handy document you can download for FREE at Teachers Pay Teachers HERE. 

If you are a homeroom teacher, this would be a great document to send home with your students over summer break, too!  It has been a real game-changer in our house!

Because you might just have different tasks, it's editable so that you can add your own tasks or even use mine and modify the number of tasks!  And... because I needed mine to match my kitchen and my son's bedroom, I made another one in green. :)

What do you think about earning screentime?  Comment below!